Performance Nutrition For Football provides youth, high school and college football players and their parents with cutting-edge information on how to gain a competitive edge in this demanding sport. The book follows the annual football calendar-pre-season, in-season, and off season-detailing strategies for recovery nutrition and hydration in the summer, pre-game meals and preventing injuries during the season, and how to gain lean muscle mass in the winter and spring. There are tips from NFL veterans, menu and snack ideas, and best fast-food picks for today's athlete on the go.

Lisa Dorfman, M.S., R.D., C.S.S.D., Sports Nutritionist for the University of Miami Athletic Department and Director of Sports Nutrition & Performance in the Department of Sports Medicine at the University of Miami, has worked with hundreds of athletes and been a personal nutritionist for many NFL players. She combines her two decades of work in the field (and experience writing two other nutrition books) into a comprehensive, easy-to-follow strategy for football players at all levels. In addition, she interviewed many NFL players and strength and conditioning coaches in writing Performance Nutrition For Football to uncover exactly what today's athletes want and need to know.

Pocket Coach Ads

To help athletes log their dietary intake, Lisa Dorfman, author of Performance Nutrition for Football, has developed Pocket Coach pads. The Pocket Coach helps athletes take a close look at their eating habits relative to their recommended plan and can also be helpful for any coach, athletic trainer, or nutritionist who is assisting an athlete. Each order contains a 30-day supply of pads.

Lisa Dorfman Speaks About The Book

Lisa visits The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV to promote her new book and discusses key ways to keep young athletes healthy throughout football season. Watch the video here.